Equip U Ministries

Apostle Eric Warren is the founder and CEO of Equip U Ministries located at 6954 Americana Parkway in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

Equip U Ministries is a non-profit organization established to equip and resource the church of Jesus Christ and when appropriate, the marketplace outside of the walls of the church. Equip U is uniquely positioned to provide vision, strategic direction, training, and governmental oversight to organizations and ministries that have an apostolic/prophetic DNA with an understanding of the king-priest mandate of the kingdom of God.

Equip U Ministries is an emerging network of churches and marketplace entities committed to establishing the “mountain of the Lord’s house” (Isaiah 2:2,3) in the earth. For further information go to the website for Equip U Ministries at

Equippers City Church

Equippers City Church is the church founded by Apostle Eric Warren. After 20 years of local church ministry, Apostle Warren transferred the mantle of the local church to his spiritual son, Pastor Michael Bivens on August 19, 2012. Apostle Warren serves as the apostolic overseer of this local church and the spiritual father of Pastors Michael and Joy Bivens. For further information about this dynamic model of a modern day apostolic/prophetic church please go to

10x Better

Apostle Eric Warren is the founder and CEO of 10 x Better located at 6954 Americana Parkway in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

10 x Better is a mentoring program for youths ages 12-18 designed to implant the natural and spiritual principles resident in the lives of Daniel and his three friends that enabled them to be ten times better than their peers. The story of this phenomenon can be found in the Holy Bible, book of Daniel, with the foundational principles contained in chapter one.

Developing youth of character, skill, intelligence, wisdom and proficiency is the objective of this program. To find out more about the program and how to get involved go to >

Destined 4 Success

Destined 4 Success is a certified coaching business founded by Carolyn A. Warren, wife of Apostle Eric Warren. Destined 4 Success is a life-coaching ministry designed to help you: identify your strengths; clarify your personal value system; determine priorities; and learn to live a life that has more balance. For more information about Destined 4 Success, go to >