Learning is a life-long experience, and growth can only happen through learning. I am convinced that our greatest deterrent in living successfully is the failure to continue to learn and apply what we’ve learned. I have endeavored to address this reality by providing numerous tracks of learning that are biblically based and practically useful for those pursuing a life that is pleasing to God. The following classes are a few of the more popular training modules that will be featured in podcasts and webinars and well as live training’s around the world.

The Path that God Walks: Understanding the Ways of God and the Character of God

This class is structured around the principles of understanding character and the ways of God as presented in my book: Character: The Path that God Walks. The class itself is comprised of 12 interactive sessions designed to equip you with an understanding of the origin of character, the practice of character by the Old testament patriarchs, the importance of our ways and how they relate to character, and the practical keys to incorporating the character of God into our lives.

The Seven Spirits of God: Equipped to Live Like Christ

If I were to ask most any person whether the characteristics of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding are important in their lives, most of the responses would be positive. We have generally accepted these characteristics as core values for just about every aspect of life. But, most people do not readily recognize that these qualities are three of seven core enablements in the life of Jesus Christ. These enablements were prophetically declared to rest on Christ in Isaiah 11:2. These seven spirits are: the spirit of the Lord; the spirit of knowledge, the spirit of understanding, the spirit of wisdom, the spirit of counsel, the spirit of might, and the spirit of the fear of the Lord, enabled Jesus and will enable us to walk in authority and power as representatives of God in the earth.  12 Sessions seem barely enough to cover the basics of this revelation, but a foundation will be laid that will enable further study and application.

Huios: From Discipleship to Sons of God

This class takes the student on a journey of discovery of how Jesus developed his disciples and then how these same disciples became sons of God. There are many traditional models of developing disciples tat use various biblical principles and most of them are very effective. The distinctive of this class however, is the focus on the discipleship principles used by Jesus as presented in the four gospels. Herein, Jesus provides a model for effective transition of natural men to disciples of Christ. Furthermore, this class goes even deeper into the ultimate objective of discipleship which is son-ship. You will enjoy and be transformed by the revelation and impartation in this 12 session class.

Tribe of Judah: Apostolic Principles for Rule and Reign

The primary purpose of the Tribe of Judah Class is to provide a teaching and training mechanism whereby the body of Christ can learn how to build effective ministry organisms in an apostolic context. This class is designed to create “Judah” type people whose lives will model the order of the biblical Tribe of Judah. The tribe of Judah was the tribe that “went first” into battle and maintained the prophetic assignment to carry the scepter of leadership through all generations. This is the tribe that produced men like King David and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Major areas of focus for this class are: understanding the apostolic reformation; developing apostolic people; developing apostolic leaders; apostolic patterns for equipping the saints; the partnership of apostolic and prophetic ministry; establishing generational transfer through “sons” of God; establishing order, government and strategy in the body of Christ; principles of the kingdom of God from the lives of the Kings and the King of Kings; and establishing a Judah model for ruling and reigning in life today.

The Tribe of Judah Class will transform your ministry focus from need orientation to service orientation. It will transform members from dependent believers to inter-dependent, self-sufficient believers whose primary objective is “the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ! This class is done in three modules, each eight sessions in length.