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Ten Times Better: Preparing a New Generation of Daniel-Type Leaders


Paperback – Released September 17, 2020

Perhaps at no other time in modern history do we see the need for the Body of Christ to return to the mindset of intentionally developing sons and daughters who represent King Jesus. We are living in times when the entire world, not just a nation, can suffer from the evil decisions of a bad leader. The world has become a global community, and that is no clearer than the recent events of the greatest pandemic of our lifetimes. Conversely, society as a whole can also benefit from the righteous decisions of a Godly leader. But where do we find such leaders? I submit to you that the best leaders are developed in the Kingdom of God with Kingdom values, Kingdom character, and Kingdom excellence. We must now begin to prioritize the development of such leaders.

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Follow Me: Learning Discipleship in the Training School of Jesus


Paperback – Released August 15, 2020

Learn discipleship from the training school of Jesus. Jesus trained his disciples in the values and disciplines of the kingdom of God. When we return to his methodology, we will produce his disciples.
This manual is 26 lessons designed to be studied in small groups, 68 pages.

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Character; The Path That God Walks


“Our character is a manifestation of our inner nature, whether it is genetically, environmentally or spiritually induced.” Eric L. Warren It’s time to hit the reset button on how we define “character.” A popular adage says character is “what you do when no one is looking.” But what if that concept only scratches the surface? What if that is not the essence of character, as defined by God?

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The Seven Spirits of God


Author: Eric Warren Ministries

The Seven Spirits of God equipped the Biblical patriarchs for their earthly ministries and they have been given to us for the same purpose. For example:

  1. The Spirit of the Lord changed Gideon from a man of fear to a mighty warrior.
  2. The Spirit of Wisdom enabled Bezaleelto create the temple furniture and artifacts.
  3. The Spirit of Understanding equipped Solomon to rule well.
  4. The Spirit of Counsel saved Moses from spiritual burnout.
  5. The Spirit of Might enabled Samsonto defend Israel from its enemies
  6. The Spirit of Knowledge helped Daniel to interpret dreams.
  7. The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord enabled David to be a man after God’s own heart.\
  8. All seven Spirits of God enabled the Jesus Christ to walk in signs, miracles, wonders, mighty deeds, and the fear of the Lord.

God desires the same for us.“The Seven Spirits of God: Learning to Walk in the Dominion and Authority of Christ” will equip you for a lifestyle of kingdom exploits!

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