Body Builders



Preparing You for Purpose

I Peter 2:9 – “But as for you, you are a race chosen out, king-priest, a set apart nation, a people formed for [God’s own] possession, in order that you might proclaim abroad the excellencies of the One who out of darkness called you into participation in His marvelous light.” (Wuest)

The Mandate

We all live within the confines of one “kingdom” or another. And there is a kingdom that encompasses all of the collective kingdoms called the Kingdom of God. Success or failure in life is determined by how we function within the confines of these kingdoms. When we are able to navigate successfully through the kingdom of the world of work, for instance, we prosper and we are rewarded for our success. There is an over-abiding kingdom that encompasses the environment of the “church” and the environment of the culture and society. The church, traditionally, has had a primary focus on preparing the people of God for their roles in the sanctuary. We have rarely given equal weight to preparing the saints for their marketplace “ministries”. Yet the scriptural mandate is clear: God wants the body of Christ to be both kings and priests in the earth. Body Builders is designed to prepare the saints for both arenas.

These truths in I Peter 2:9 provide a foundation for the mandate of our current generation. Now more than ever there is a demand for “king-priests” unto our God. The sanctuary provides a safe haven for the people of God to worship, be empowered in the Word and the Spirit, and to equip succeeding generations for continuity of our spiritual heritage in Him. The marketplace, however, also needs saints who are trained to be “kings” in that environment, bringing with them the presence of God. Priests invoke the presence of God via worship, adoration, intercession, and obedience. Kings invoke the presence of God through righteous rule and authority in the earth. The people of God need to be trained in both dimensions, hence, the need for Body Builders.

About Body Builders

Body Builders is comprised of a variety of learning experiences. The training is designed to incorporate a mixture of learning modalities for maximum holistic development. Students will be trained in basic Bible literacy with an emphasis on practical application; Practical skills such as the use of Bible study and research tools; learning how to incorporate Biblical principles in the marketplace; principles of leadership; and character based living will be emphasized. Students will also be trained in principles of project management, life skills development, public speaking, and marketplace success strategies.