The Seven Spirits of God




The demand on us all in this season of transition and transformation is preparation. We must be prepared for the unexpected, the unusual, and the uncommon. Everything is moving so fast that everyone must establish an unmovable foundation with a rotating axis. What is that you ask? For me, it is my relationship with the Lord. I must remained fixed on Him. His Word is an ever-present foundation, and His Spirit is always rotating upon the axis of that Word.

I know that this is true for many of you also. With God’s Word and Spirit as an ever-present foundation in our lives, we are able to stay focused on the important things even in the midst of change, turmoil, and transition. In this season, foundations will become increasingly critical for survival. For this reason, I believe that the Seven Spirits of God, which comprise the mind of Christ, are critical for the day-to-day victory that we all desire.

If I were to ask most any person whether the characteristics of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding are important in their lives, most of the responses would be positive. We have generally accepted these characteristics as core values for just about every aspect of life. But, most people do not readily recognize that these values emanate from the throne of God where the spirits of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding emanate. These characteristics are only three of seven spirits of God that have been made available to us for victorious living.  God wants us to be successful in life. Therefore, He has given us the same things that Jesus had that enabled him to be victorious in all things. Therefore, He has equipped us in the same way that He equipped Jesus Christ so that we too may be victorious in all things.

In this class I release practical keys to empower you to live the Christ-life now! God wants us to LIVE LIKE CHRIST in every aspect of life. This class therefore will not endeavor to teach you all there is to know about the Seven Spirits of God, instead, I will endeavor to help you understand how to extract the revelation about these Seven Spirits from the scriptures so that we all can Live Like Christ today!

Join me on a journey of truth that will equip us all for the kind of dominion that we were created for.